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Better, But Not Even Close to Enough


It’s easy to find educators, politicians, and parents bemoaning the state of American education. It’s a reliable applause line at political rallies, and unchallenged in newspaper editorial pages: American schools stink.

Except they don’t. Not really. Schools all over…

America and the Americas


During the Bad Old Days of the Cold War, a Latin American country had a few options: you could go it alone, cozy up to Washington, or get friendly with Moscow. All three choices had their problems. The world has…

The Border and The War on Terror


Mexico’s descent into something like open war over the drug business has created anxiety in the American states closest to the border. If you believe the FBI’s annual crime statistics the big cities on or near that 1400-mile frontier: San…



Here we go again… or do we?

You can bet interested parties on all sides of the immigration debate held their breath during the final weeks of the lame duck session of the 111th Congress. When the clock, the year,…

A Hidden Epidemic


Like any society on earth, the United States has to decide how to spend public money. Simple as that: economy, from a Greek word meaning household management, means we have to decide how to run the national household.

Who gets…

Why America Now?


Deportations are up.

Angry anti-immigrant sentiment is on the rise.

The U.S. economy isn’t shrinking any more, but the number of jobs isn’t growing.

And yet, the United States is still a magnet for people around the world, and especially…

At the Starting Line With Race to the Top


By Ray Suarez

On its face, it seems simple enough: Get states to compete with each other for enhanced funding for education from the federal government by asking them to adhere to some old ideas while coming forward with new…



For years, the DREAM Act has been the low hanging fruit of the immigration reform debate. Yet almost a decade after a version of the law was first proposed, it is no closer to passage or implementation.

SB1070 and Arizona


This is one of those weeks when I love my job.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love my job plenty, but when you get to talk to people day after day about an ongoing controversy that really includes…

The fight against SB1070


By now you’ve heard of Arizona’s recently passed law, set to take effect in a little over a week, that will give local law enforcement officers in the state the power to enforce federal immigration law. By authorizing police to…