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A New World, Not Here Yet


So you’re at the doctor.

A nurse takes a history, and some vital measurements. Heart rate is checked. Perhaps an EKG checks the electrical activity of your heart. You give a vial of blood, so it’s typed, checked for cholesterol…

30 Years of Living—And Dying, With HIV


I was working in New York when the first headlines began to appear in newspapers. The New York Times headline was like many that appeared in 1981—RARE CANCER SEEN IN 41 HOMOSEXUALS.

The outstanding medical journalist, Dr. Lawrence Altman wrote,…

The Environment Moves From Necessity to Luxury


You had to read past the jump from the front page to the inside of the paper to find some of the more obscure points in the budget-cutting deal that avoided a government shutdown a few weeks ago. For those…

Obesity in America… A growing epidemic


If we consulted the health statistics kept by the rich countries club, the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development, the OECD, we might not be too surprised to find that the United States has the highest rate of obesity, at…

A Hidden Epidemic


Like any society on earth, the United States has to decide how to spend public money. Simple as that: economy, from a Greek word meaning household management, means we have to decide how to run the national household.

Who gets…

Who's Buying Bipartisanship?


Welcome back. This week, Destination Casa Blanca asked its panelists about bipartisanship, and by extension, about the future of the 11th congress.
After the climactic vote on health care reform last weekend, it seemed a good time to ask…

A Heavy Problem


By Ray Suarez

Host, Destination Casa Blanca

Welcome to the inaugural blog post from Destination Casa Blanca, the Latino Voice in Politics , carried since 2008 on Hispanic Information and  Telecommunications Network, HITN. Each week I’ll post some thoughts from…