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Brother, Can You Spare a Trillion?


Any day now. Maybe next week. Soon. Eventually. It is reasonable to expect, let’s say, that the Congress will figure out how to borrow the money to pay the bills it has already agreed to incur.

It is more than…

War Without End. Amen?


Almost ten years ago, a small American-led force overthrew the Taliban government of Afghanistan. The invasion had been fast, that Afghan government had been weak, and you could have been tempted in 2002–before the ashes in Lower Manhattan had cooled…

A New World, Not Here Yet


So you’re at the doctor.

A nurse takes a history, and some vital measurements. Heart rate is checked. Perhaps an EKG checks the electrical activity of your heart. You give a vial of blood, so it’s typed, checked for cholesterol…

Obama, Puerto Rico, and Puerto Ricans


Few political columnists in the United States are Puerto Rican. Few political columnists in the United States follow the twists and turns in the debates over the island’s status closely, if at all.

Yet, as the President boarded Air Force…

Are Latinos Part of the Great American Culture Wars?


For decades, Latinos have been portrayed as “Republicans in Training” by hopeful GOP operatives. After all, we were told, they are Roman Catholic, family-oriented, oppose gay rights and abortion. Not so fast, said Democrats. Because they tend to be poorer,…

Better, But Not Even Close to Enough


It’s easy to find educators, politicians, and parents bemoaning the state of American education. It’s a reliable applause line at political rallies, and unchallenged in newspaper editorial pages: American schools stink.

Except they don’t. Not really. Schools all over…

America and the Americas


During the Bad Old Days of the Cold War, a Latin American country had a few options: you could go it alone, cozy up to Washington, or get friendly with Moscow. All three choices had their problems. The world has…

The Border and The War on Terror


Mexico’s descent into something like open war over the drug business has created anxiety in the American states closest to the border. If you believe the FBI’s annual crime statistics the big cities on or near that 1400-mile frontier: San…

The Environment Moves From Necessity to Luxury


You had to read past the jump from the front page to the inside of the paper to find some of the more obscure points in the budget-cutting deal that avoided a government shutdown a few weeks ago. For those…

Can We Please Have an Adult Conversation About Money?


You’ll have to forgive me if you think I’m oversimplifying. Let me lay out the money situation for the United States:

1)   The government spends a lot of money on a lot of things…every dollar backed by a spending priority articulated…